Meet Minh Hai

Born in Vietnam and transplanted to the USA at just one year old, my journey weaved through New Mexico for 7 years before landing in Upstate New York, and eventually finding solace on the island of Kauai in 2005. Despite the twists and turns, this island has become more than a home; it's where my heart belongs. 

Music has carried me through life since my early childhood. I started with piano but quickly embraced the guitar. I've played guitar since the age of 10, making it my go-to tool for crafting musical ideas. I translate my musical ideas from guitar to a digital audio workstation for production. I have been producing music since I was a teenager and decided to start DJing so that I could share my music with the world.

Since stepping into the DJ world in 2022, the constant support from those who appreciate the dedication I pour into live entertainment has been truly heartening. Look out for fresh beats on my SoundCloud and Spotify pages—your continued support means the world to me!